Sunday, July 17, 2016

"A Reasonable Suggestion"

As I mention in my insane post below this one.  I'm all for Nuking people that get on my bleeping nerves. Granted this may not be popular with assorted Peaceniks, and bleeding hearts, but bleep ém.

Yes there are many practical considerations like it would be the biggest crime against humanity since the last Ice Age.

'But still.

It's time to shed our passions of youth, and get with the program. This planet needs some serious cleaning out. Yeah sure Climate Change, and all the usual disasters are culling the herd pretty good.

However not fast enough.

Hence my interesting plan of quick removals of annoying, and deadly populations. Okay they may well be thinking the same about us...or me personally. Fine. Which is why we need to strike first.

I will write President Trump as soon as he's in office, ...a near certainty, to consider my reasonable plan for world peace. I think he, and his crowd will go for it.

I'm only half kidding with the above.

Satire is complicated.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Maybe ISIS is who we really are, and we need to blow ourselves up.


  2. We are all capable of what Isis does. Them, and all of the murderers of history.

    Potentially we are them.

    All it would take is a lack of food water, and safety for a certain time, and the reptile brain will kick in.

    We're Angels. However given the right circumstances even the kindest of us would become Killer Angels.