Friday, July 8, 2016

"Still 'More' Good News"

The month's, June, average temperature in the Lower 48 states was 71.8 degrees, 3.3 degrees above normal, surpassing the Dust Bowl record set in 1933 by a couple tenths of a degree, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported Thursday.

Every state in the nation was warmer than normal in June, with Utah and Arizona having their hottest Junes.

"2016 has been hot, wet and wild for the contiguous U.S.," NOAA climate scientist Jake Crouch said Thursday.

The nation had its third hottest first half of the year. June's record heat is from a combination of natural variability and long-term global warming, Crouch said.


Yeah I was gonna lay off this stuff, but couldn't help, but notice that "Dust Bowl" reference. Scary shit that. So this crap we're is even by a little bit worse than Dust Bowl action.

Yeah that ought to get folks running in circles screaming with their hair on fire begging the gawds for mercy.


No one will notice or care till the river, and or ocean comes pouring through their living room window as they're watching "Game of bleeping Thrones".

Anyhow don't worry everything is gonna be fine...just swell. really honest it's all okay.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Wow! More great news is right! Simply amazing, and almost nobody seems to care.

  2. They will when they have to, as Sidney has suggested.

    Basically what's happening, I've read, is that warmer climate bands are spreading north and south from the equatorial region (which I suppose must also be heating up). Those wishing to enjoy some life expectancy might want to consider moving to a higher latitude or altitude, or both. (Or a lower latitude, if in the Southern Hemisphere, which is a safer place to be in terms of nuclear wars and meltdowns).

    I hafta say I'm glad I don't have any offspring. No descendants of mine will suffer from future food or other resource shortages, nor will they further burden said ever-dwindling resources.

    Still, it might be considerate to take some thought for those who will come after. I just read a headline that says redwood trees are better at sequestering carbon than any other trees. Maybe I should take some seeds and start planting redwoods in southern Argentina? Folks will be glad of the oxygen.