Friday, July 15, 2016

"More Random Death"

Like I sez more random pointless cruel stupid death on the streets. I'm sure gawd is well pleased. Up above there are a few of gawd's heroes with their trophies. Nice France got a taste of their works yesterday.

I recall what I said the night after 9/11 on the air. "We should do a nuclear bombardment of the entire region".

"From Rabat Morocco to Tehran Iran."

"...including fucking Israel."

My point was at the time that so long as those maniacs were alive...any of them. This shit would not stop.

They are in a blood feud that has involved the whole world.

Now nearly 20 years later their kids are active players too as the random murder for the hell of it continues.

Isis, and the whole mob of the insane killer groups out there...I include now Israel because they're just as nuts, and blood thirsty. The fucks are willing to do this evil..."From Now On".

Meanwhile the rest of us just want to live our crappy lives, and maybe have a few laffs.

Not any of them. They're addicted to blood, and murder...they love it.

Note the gleeful smiles above.

So there's maybe a half billion or so in that region...okay.

From the Cold War there are ample strategic plans to remove just such a population. It's just a matter of positioning our nuclear armed subs,  gassing up the bombers, and re-targeting the missiles. All that could be done is say two days tops.

After that it's just a matter of getting the "GO'' code.

Yeah this violates everything I thought I lived my pointless life by. I think it's a sin just to think this. However desperate times call for desperate fantasies.

I have actually been driven this this.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Such is the Religion of Peace.

    I don't want to be all nicey-liberal or an apologist for Islamic atrocities, but it's worth mentioning that western aggression and imperialism in the Middle East have had a good deal to do with stimulating the development of Muslim fundamentalism over the last 100 years or so.

    Also, there's a practical problem with nuking the entire Middle East: radioactive dust would be bound to drift and settle over large regions inhabited by people who haven't done anything to deserve that, to say nothing of the Muslims & Jews who have not beheaded anyone, nor suborned the same.

    I think Europe's in deep shit trouble. Germany and especially Sweden seem already to have opened their daughters' legs to entry by Islam.


  2. P.S. - I do think the idea of Mecca, Medina and maybe Riyahdh as shallow bowls of vitrified sand that glows in the dark to be rather pleasing - quite soothing, really.


  3. Fuck it Nuke ém all.

    Let their gawd sort them out.