Saturday, July 9, 2016

''A Comment to Power''

I never feared cops. I lived through the 60's, and the downward spiral of the end of the last century. Still I had respect for them. I spoke with them as persons which they then responded back as a person.


We're descended from preditors, and can smell fear. You talk to a cop with repressed rage, and fear they smell it, and act on all the deranged race class, and personal delusions they're carrying with them.

Btw we have that crap too...we're all Humans on this Bus.

With the militarization of police forces across the country it's different. I do fear cops now. I no longer speak to them or go near them. The chatty relationship, see ''Bob the Bunny'' with a cop below. The every day human contacts I had with Police persons could get me killed today.They're soldiers now, and see themselves as such. They're not there to protect us, but to control us...and kill us for the slightest reasons.

Look below.

A human person who happens to be a cop with my online character "Bob the Bunny". She didn't try to shoot me or Bob. I fear she's an exception in a sea of those that would just as well shoot me as look at me.

                          The police need to 'again' see the People as just that PEOPLE.

                                       Or in the case of "Bob" a rabbit sock puppet.

Stay Tuned.

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