Thursday, July 14, 2016

"You want 'More' Good News?"

So you want 'more' good news? Okay how's this. It was 96f in Fairbanks Alaska. It was hotter yesterday up there than it was in Florida.

Btw that city was built on permafrost. Yeah that's right the stuff that melts. Well their building foundations are in that soggy crap.

You do the math.

There's other good news like some islands are already sinking under the ocean. Deserts are spreading glaciers melting, and other swell stuff. Oh did you hear about the African corn blight? Well it's spreading.

Mass starvation coming.

In other "Good News" Kuwait reports one of the highest temperatures ever...128.3f  Kid stuff they still don't beat Death Valley which had 134f. This stuff will in a few years be more common. Even in more northern regions.

Anyway that's all the good news for today.

I'm going back outside to join the Great American Class, and Race War which is already in progress.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Precipitation patterns are changing already, which will affect agriculture, hence food supply. Major sea level rise is further down the pike, probably beyond our lifetimes. Plenty of time for plague & famine, though.


  2. The lower elevation islands in the pacific are starting to go. Yeah major land masses shrinking are maybe 50 or so years off. Plenty of time to ignore the problem.

    However yes disease, and famine are on the immediate menu.

    Basically this is biblical. Only this time it's really happening, and not just ancient made up tales.