Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Disclaimer"...Pissed off Rants ahead.

I used to have a nutty, but true nasty disclaimer in the masthead of my early radio shows as well. I was digging around, and found one of them from over 10/15 years ago.

*Geesh I must have been pretty pissed off back then. Anyway here it is.


This Blog Web-Page, and or Radio Program is Deliberately slanted biased, and rigged to reflect 'My' opinions delusions, and personal vendetta's etc., etc.

So Nobody out there is getting a fair shake from me!

Got it?

All my swell stuff is designed to make 'Me' look Thoughtful Wise, and Good, and everybody else look like Rats.

(I'm glad we've had this little talk.)

*( The above is clearly from my post Speed, and Coke years. Yeah I was a tad touchy back then. Ahem...I'm much nicer now as all well know. )

Stay Tuned.

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