Monday, July 25, 2016


"Doonesbury" captured the general public reaction to the events at the Republican National Convention. ...Absolutely stunned into horrified silence.

I have never in my life seen such scary shit at what was supposed to be a mainstream political event.

We all knew this was out there, but now they have a major political party. To say I'm concerned...crap. I'm fucking freaked the fuck out!

Not even the Klan ever officially took over a real political party.

This Republic is in for some serious shit coming up. If that bastard wins I expect hate crimes to go through the roof in celebration. I have a nightmare vision of Orlando style slaughters all over the country.

There's millions...that's Millions with an "M" that would applaud such mayhem. As I posted earlier I'm now more than ever in my life, and I was around for Jim Crow. I'm more aware of the physical danger I'm in than ever.

I must force myself to change habits, and travel carefully, and speak to no-one. This makes me not just sad, but enraged from my heart.

This is my Country Dammit!

Stay Tuned.

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