Thursday, July 21, 2016



Enough despair, enough war, and stupidity, and grief. How to break through to the majik. The bright wonderful strange worlds that exist side by side with ours. 


The visions we have of the "other side" are all confused, and jazzed up with with religion, booze, dope, lust, boredom, and rage. It's there though. Sometimes the visions, the dreams are crystal clear.


There are these moments we see, and there is no doubt, no bullshit, the cool stuff is real Real!


Everyday can be beautiful, everyday is a trip to Coney Island, the nicer parts of Paris, Grandma's house, your girlhood/boyhood dream of your best friend's bed when the parents are away, puppies, kittens, bunny rabbits, fields of flowers, free cable, free tuition, getting your book published, and no tax's for lifeNot only Freedom, but Happiness is Possible!

*The above I wrote for my long departed blog, 2006 CE, "Royal Republic of Sydneyland". Remember that one? 

 It was fun. 

I started a Republic on the 'net, and had loyal subjects all over the world. I handed out titles to various of the comrades. 

We had a ball.