Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"A Dream of Fire"

I had a serious nightmare. It was an nuke free for all sort of thing. That expected Armageddon all us boomer lived with for most of our lives.

Well in the dream it finally happened.

As a kid I had a frightful vision of how my family would go. We would be shadows on the walls of our home. Like the folks in Hiroshima. Being an engineer the dream was full of technical detail. Types of missiles force counter force strategies targets, and target alterations.

All the details of species suicide.

In the dream I was for a moment in the Russian command center where they received a shortwave signal from the Governor of Florida who pleaded that his state was neutral in the ongoing conflict. Florida received a nuclear bombardment anyway.

I was standing in a park or maybe some sort of wilderness, and the horizon in every...I mean 'every' direction was lit up with multiple suns.

Then I awoke.

I felt dizzy shaken. I still feel ill. I imagine the troubles of our world re-awakened my memories of ''Duck, and Cover". Right now NATO, and Russian armored units are at stand off positions at the Estonian border. Russian planes are buzzing U.S. naval vessels. This in the middle of the largest western war games since the 1980's the depths of the Cold War.

All along with the ongoing mass murder in the Middle East. The great migrations of peoples away from those war zones. Which is being met with xenophobia racist violence, and destructive political decisions.

Is it no wonder that my soul kicked up memories of Hell given all this. As for what to do. Well writing to your Congress person is a waste of time. They all being bought by one faction or other of that one tenth of the I% that also owns us.

I think all we're left with is be Kind to those immediately around you. As the Dali Lama sez ''Be kind to everyone or at least don't hurt them''.

I guess that's it.

Stay Tuned.

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