Thursday, July 7, 2016

''Love Denied''

The above is a still from the late 1970's Lasse Nielsen film ''You are not alone". Goggle it the film  may still be on YouTube. It's the story of two boys in simple as that.

As I wrote elsewhere "This is the boyhood I was denied." The adventure the affection the lust the love that every straight boy around me was experiencing.  Was denied me.

Was denied Millions of Queer boys.

This was a desperate dream for me, and countless others. You know why. We all know why. No point in opening bitter wounds, and going there.

Of all the things that were inflicted on me as a Queer. This may hurt the most.

The absolute complete forbiddance of my/our natural primal urges at the most vulnerable stage of our lives. The system the individuals that did this obliviously or with malice still don't give a fuck.

I'm angry about that. ...more than angry.

I'm blind with rage, and thirst for vengeance for this primal crime against our souls.

I wish I could say I forgive them,...but I don't. I just don't know how, and have no interest in their forgiveness.

At least for now.

( A friend on another page where I also posted this just said, "We were not allowed to feel what we felt." ...that sums it all up.

(...this is reprinted from my Queer page "Dragonfly" see links.)

Stay Tuned.


  1. My sentiments exactly. Moreover, in our case the oppression and devastation extend right to the end of life.

    The collapse of our civilization may not be altogether a bad thing. It has proven itself incapable of adequate reform. Any society that inflicts this much misery on people needs to collapse.


  2. There is just something wrong with the way we organize our selves. From hunter gatherers to the first semi-stable settlements to the mega realities we have now there's just no heart in it.

    The "Great Fall" which is coming will bring centuries of barbaric hell. However on the other side of that there may be something human.

    I'm not optimistic.

    However could a feudal peasant have imagined Woodstock or walking on the Moon or diseases mostly cured food for all or freedom...?

    What wonders are in the future for today's, and the immediate futures post-industrial survivors? What will the 30th century hold?