Friday, July 8, 2016

"155 Years of Civil War"

Our Great American Civil War now in it's 155th year has just claimed five more lives. Five polices officers shot dead another 12 wounded. This in response to the recent killing of Black men in Minnesota, and Louisiana by local police there.

This is the latest armed engagement in our war since the shooting of 100 Gay Folks, and the outright killing of 49 of them. There are other ongoing engagements..i.e. battles such as Chicago getting the Gold for 1000 killed not in the last 10 years or the last year, but since January.

The American Civil War is so far the longest such war in Western History. Though some could argue with merit that the European Civil Wars such as First 100 years war from 1347 to 1453 or the Second near 100 years war 1931 to 1991 have second place.

*The 2nd War beginning in 1931 with the Imperial Japanese invasion of the Republic of China, and ending with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.
We are currently likely at the beginning of the 3rd Hundred Year War. 2001~?

Angels bitterly weep.

Stay Tuned.

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