Monday, July 4, 2016

"Freedom from Fear"

I got into trouble on another page for not believing in or living my life revolving around just my skin color. I have no truck with racialist of any color.

It's a trap.

Ya see I'm a person before I'm Black or Queer or anything. In an era when most use ethnic identifiers that or some other arbitrary identity for their life. Here's my response to that. "What would you be if you were Free?" I mean just that. Who would you be what would you wear what would you like to eat or what music would you listen to how would you express yourself, and such if you were not a target.

If you were free from birth just to be a person, and not an other. If you could walk down any street oblivious blameless a threat to no one. Just a person. A free person not having to obsess on identifiers forced on you. Free to create your own life, and world at peace with everyone else. Not trapped by history the ignorant the bullies the fearful the vengeful.

I've been told this is impossible.

Maybe. However I've tried to live this in my lifetime, and not just dream it for generations in some remote far future.

I'm a radical.

I insist on my personhood my freedom. My right to just be me not representing anyone or anything. I have opinions of course, but they're just that, and only that. My take on things. I walk the same deadly gauntlet as everybody else, but in my soul I'm free.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I so agree with you about this. I'm sick of identity politics.


  2. Like so much from the left it started out useful. However it went nuts, and became a form of outright Bigotry. Most people are the same no mater the culture or color.

    They're No Damned Good.