Friday, February 22, 2013

'News from the Yukon"

Greetings comrades. Well WBAI the characters that still employ me. ( WBAI has made it's move to it's temporary digs on the campus of *CUNY...see story, and image a few posts below.

I love it here. We're surround by brilliant young folks, and a smart cool teaching staff. We're in a temple of Learning. Our studios are smaller, but well up to the task. Btw our administrative offices are in the new World Trade Center complex. I haven't been over there yet, but the wonks say it has a swell view. Fine anything that keeps the suits away from us the better.

*(City University of New York in the Harlem Heights)

Sorry no images here or at my secret Queer site for the next week or so. The new facility uses the mac. I don't like these things, and don't know how to use them yet. How the hell do you put images in a file on one of these crappy things!

Anyway the big plan is to eventually move to our own building near the Brooklyn Academy of Music in a year or so. We need to raise all sorts of dough, and cut shady deals with everybody. Luckily the  Brough  Presidents,..that's like the Mayor of the individual parts of the City. The Brough Presidents of Manhattan, and Brooklyn as well as assorted Celebes are backing us.

Good grief who knew we had such friends. 'Maybe' I should ask for that raise.

Stay tuned.


  1. I'm glad you're happy with the new digs Sid. I hope the BAM location works out well too. Z.

  2. Yeah I love it here. I look forward to our real new digs near BAM for sure. However for now it's good.

  3. Sidney,
    How do we get access to the WBAI Archive of your show on March 9. Those archives went bonkers didn't they?

    And, tell R. Paul Martin I enjoyed him telling of the formation of the Gay Activist Alliance and how he is the longest member of it. What a history of the WHOLE of GAYDOM you two are.