Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Our World"


  1. This is some scary shit. I live near a coastline only about 20 feet above sea level, so it could happen here too. I hope it won't any time soon. Z.

  2. I see all this with new eyes having come through a 21 foot flood. You're whole sense of safety is turned upside down. I have the feeling nothing in my local environs is safe anymore.

    All the routine places subway stations familiar streets, and buildings could indeed 'have' gone under water.

    When I walk now down streets on which the water was well above my head or wait at subway station that might as well been at the bottom of the sea a few months back,...well.

    The radical climate change events that were supposed to be decades in the future have already happened. So yes my sense of things is very different now. I think this is that delayed reaction to trauma they talk about.

  3. Well you know there are plenty of people around who still insist that climate change is a fraud. I wonder what it will take before they change their minds - for the stock exchange to go under a few years in a row? Even then they'll probably blame it on communism.