Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Ash Wednesday"

Imagine my surprise when I found myself wandering around Trinity Church on Ash Wednesday. This is the Church that Washington passed up after his inauguration. He went up the block to St. Paul's instead. Why? Who knows.

Anyway I was out, and about Wednesday evening, and noticed a sign outside of Trintiy saying they were being free with the ashes, soooo. Yeah for the first time in a number of decades I had the "Mark" placed upon me.

Here's why I bring up this noise.

It's a miracle! Just like them healer guys do on local cable TV. Yep I was made Straight! Eh let me put that another way. See I was really feeling yucky. Headache dizzy nausea the usual winter crap. However as soon as the Ashes are applied Zap!

I'm fit as a frigging fiddle..more or less.

Certainly I felt better. Yeah yeah it was just a placebo effect or some such, but so what. It did the trick. Heck I should go to Church more often. Forget confession not a chance. I'm saving that action for my screen play. Com'on there's an HBO movie in all that.

Stay tuned.

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