Monday, February 25, 2013


Humm, I've been thinking about the end of the world as we know it ,...which has already happened what with all the climate change disasters in the world. That, and a few continent changing tsunamis in recent years. Ya know one of them things actually slowed the rotation of the Earth by a measurable amount.

Yeah that got my attention.

Anyway what would I do if a Zombie Apocalypse happens to break out on some Tuesday afternoon.  I might miss it because I sleep all day on my days off. Also given my 'Hood a somewhat congested urban middle level hell. Well I'd be toast...literally.

I guess the first indication that the Apocalypse is in progress would be the screaming shooting, and sirens. Well maybe not since that goes on anyway. Perhaps the sight of various ghouls busting in through my door, and windows would be a better sign. This would certainly get my attention.

I think it all depends on what sort of Zombies I'm dealing with. If it's the classic slow lurching Romero guys from the first movie no problem. I just hit'em over the head, and shove them out of my digs.

OTOH if it's them fast berserkers we've been seeing lately I'm fucked. I don't have a crossbow shotgun AK-47 or even a Saturday Nite Special handy to blast my way through these guys. So if it breaks out anytime soon my brains are Zombie bait period.

If I'm lucky though, and it all breaks out while I'm out, and about  I may have a bit of a chance. It'll be a scary adventure,..till I'm eaten. Still a hell of a ride.

Best place to be would maybe be at one of the local Army bases..Fort Hamilton is handy. There volunteered into the service. I'd be handed the old trusty M-14, the crap out of the M-16 by a country mile.  More Bang for the Buck. With that the fun would begin.

Aim for the head as every fan of the "Walking Dead" knows. 'Course this depends on how bad Brooklyn is infested with them Zombie bastards. If it's bad we get overrun, and eaten. If not we shoot our way up the Brooklyn Queens Expressway to JFK when we 'hope' re-enforcements is coming in.

Humm, maybe I should develop this into some of that "World War Z" fan-fic that's covering the web like kudzu or crabgrass. Anyway sit tight, and keep plenty of ammo ready.

Stay tuned.


  1. The purpose of zombie movies is to keep you from thinking clearly about anything that actually matters, like why rents go up while wages go down and stuff like that.

    A crossbow might not be a bad idea though. And remember folklore has it that they can't cross running water, so you might want to check if there's an old subterranean brook between you and Wall Street.


  2. Check, crossbow to order. A serious shit load of arrows too.

    I don't think it's as hard as getting a machine gun or rocket launcher. No waiting period or license.

    Yeah water, but wait I think that's for Vampires.

    Aw gee one Apocalypse at a time.