Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Stay Calm"

As patrons of this page you may have noticed things have gone a bit "Queer Crazy" for a while here. Don't worry everything is under control. It's all part of the show folks no need to panic.

Homeland Security is sending it's "De-Queerizer" teams that should be here any time now. Their 'evac' Black Hawks will land on the roof soon.

A first aid station is being set up as I post at the rear of this page. This for any that feel that may have caught some "Gay". Please line up to the right. Severe cases will be treated as the "De-Fag" vaccine arrives.

Again as I said no need to panic. It's all part of the program. Just sit back relax, and take the trauma pills distributed as the Blog continues.

The Management of this page, and it sponsors thanks you for your patients in this most distressing, and uncertain time.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Hey, no prob. I was just thinking it's a good time for a bacha bazi party.


  2. Believe me I'd have posted the young sweet hearts dancing away. However I'd likely be deleted,...again.

  3. And don't we know it! Having seen it happen time and time again. I was just fooling around.

    BTW, I just saw my chiropractor, whom I was *desperate* to see. I'm better now, though still not yet out of pain. At least I don't have a fucking dislocation now. The agony!


  4. Glad you're better dear comrade. Please rest take it easy for as long as ya can. I've had that stuff a few fun at all.

    Please rest drink heavily, and watch cartoons. I recommend "Robot Chicken".