Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Day of Days",...again


  1. As the map shows, this has gotten to be a regular pattern for us; fatal shootings are happening almost daily. This ain't just random incidental craziness, but a sociological pattern and trend.

    There are those who suggest it may morph into some sort of insurgent activity - you know, Tea Party nutters blowing up power stations, that sort of thing. Our infrastructure is very interconnected & vulnerable. I hope it doesn't happen before I get my Ganymede retirement all lined up.


  2. The Tea Party insurgents will not slow down even National Guard units much less Regular Army or Special Forces elements. In some way I hope they do make a play. This way they'll be out in the open so they can finally be vaporized.

    Store bought arms, and a subscription to "Kill Them All" magazine will not stand up well to Divisions of trained Infantry with air, and sea cover. The engagement won't even rate as an actual battle.

    What with the bulk of the Tea Party Insurgents wiped out by cluster bombs dropped by the first pass of A-10's. The rest of the running or hiding will be mopped up by local State Police.

    The U.S. Army may not have to fire a shot. Well maybe picking off die-hard snipers, and the more fanatical. Otherwise their back in their barracks that day. The Tea Party enters the history books as just another attempted revolt by extremist.

    They'll end up joining the "Know Nothing Party" "The Whiskey Rebellion Rebels" the pre-Civil War "Kansas Jay Hawkers" "The California Secessionist, and of the course the Confederates.