Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Yes, but is it Art?",...fuck yeah!

Oh Caravaggio what a swell demented manic he was. As are so many of his fans though out the ages. I count myself as one of the mob of his sweaty fanboys.

When I discovered "Love Victorious" in the library of the Catholic Boy's Academy I was sentenced to. My immediate "admiration" for it ran down both my legs.

Wadda guy!

From what we know he was a crack-pot genius crook, and murderer. What's not to like. I even read where he fled the cops by diving out of a whore's window stealing one of their horses, and splitting for parts unknown.

This guy is worthy of an online mini-series.

If he were alive today he'd be in Angola prison Louisiana for armed robbery dueling without a license painting kiddie porn , and fucking the governor's son on the court house steps at high noon on July Fourth...hey com'on he was an artist after all.

'But it ends well when the Queer Boy Scouts busts him out of the exercise yard in a "Black Hawk" chopper they stole from an armory. Of course our hero celebrates this by painting a fresco of the event.

It shows the heroic lads nude, but for the Rafael raven Angels wings they wore. Swooping down to his rescue...he btw is nude horny, and drinking from a large magnum of wine as he's lifted to safety by a lad not unlike the one in my fav icon "...Love Victorious!"

See below!  ...wadda an Angel!

Amor Victorious, 1602 by Caravaggio 


Peace, and Happy Hoildaze to the whole drunken stoned lot of ya. 

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