Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"The Guns of Autumn"

This prolonged false season. Where the colors are gone. The once bright leaves long on the ground. 'But winter fearful of the future refuses to arrive.

This strangely widened Autumn seems a preamble to the sum of our fears. A nightmare beyond imagining. Just off stage, and drowned out by the trivia of everyday media static.

NATO, and Russia thanks to the Turkish wild card count their bullets, and wait.

Oh what a time this is. 

A new, and even more terrible Crusade nears. As I said to you before. Incident begets incident. Politics becomes darker, and more sinister. Before anyone knows it troops are on the move.

This demands a response, and...and...

Like during the century ago "Guns Of August" we get what we wanted all along. What we 'Craved' will come to pass just as we quietly planned.

Good luck to all.

Stay Tuned.

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