Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Happy Bastard"

The tradition of putting magnets, and assorted stuff on your fridge may be coming to an end. Seems the newer generation of ice boxes are all aluminum.

Magnets don't stick to "Aluminum."

So I suggest taking snaps of your fridge while you can with all your stuff on it as a keepsake of the 50 or 60 year era of "Fridge Door Art". Some quick fella out there might do a coffee table book on the subject, and make a few fast bucks.

...I'd do it, but I'm too damned pissed off, and delusional. Anyway here's what mine looks like at the moment. 

Oh btw ISIS has gone after more Ancient Towns, and blasted them to pieces to please gawd.

I hope the demented Bastard is Happy.

Stay Tuned.

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