Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Uncle's Holidaze Message"

                        ("Fucking Nazi Fascist Mudda Fuckers get ya Paws off Me!")  

Granted being a for real Christian is damned near impossible. Especially that being nice to ya enemies bit. Hell everyone knows the only way to deal with them is with brass knuckles.

That's a deal breaker right there.

Still for the sake of argument lets say you're serious about this Christ/Christmas stuff. Fair enuff. So you wander about with an open heart,...and wallet for every butt hole con-artist wack-job'n sob story infesting the streets.

No wonder the damned Church can't keep any priests.

Now believe it or not I was like this...well still am sort'a. I lose count on the number of times I been burnt by this or that shill. However the faith sez never mind that keep going. Let them fuck you up all they like.

I bought that actually. I even gave when I 'knew' they was full of shit. My feeling was if they didn't need they wouldn't ask. Yeah a suicidal plan if ever there was one.

On the other hand it's nice being Holy.

I remember once I was at "KFC" with some pals getting some extra crispy when this homeless guy starts working the line for coins or food.

Well he gets the hairy eyeball for everybody, and eventually the bums rush from the staff.

Well like I sez I was all 'Holy' then so I buys him some embalmed fried chicken balls, and takes off after  him,...this to horror of my pals who think I'm nuts anyway.

Now picture this there I am a crazed commie layabout with a bag of chicken balls chasing down this insane homeless guy.

Life is strange ain't it.

Anyway I catches him two blocks away, and lays the goodies on'em. Here's the fun part. He sez he don't drink soda,...I got him a large coke too.
"Sugar is bad for you" he sez.

I wanted to slug'em.

He tossed it into a trash can. Then he rummaged through the bag of fried balls, and tossed out the salt Bar-B-Q sauce, and all that jazz. Saying how it gives ya cancer.

He then grudgingly accepts the extra crispy balls.

'AND'...then has the 'nerve' to hit me up for two bucks.

So ya see being a Christmas Christian or just a nice guy is a serious pain in the ass. Btw my pals from the radio station had caught up with me by then, and witnessed this whole screen play. So I have happened.

Am I saying don't give like the MTA sez on the subway...yeah the rat bastards actually have an official announcement they play saying "Don't give to the Homeless" on the Subway.

Whoever wrote that, and whoever approved that is going to Hell..Period, and Amen.

So am I saying don't be swell, and give...naw.

I'm just saying watch ya back is all. I've no idea if there's some guy living in the sky watching all this wild shit down here. Regardless we ought to have a heart.

Anyway have a swell Holidaze.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. I see we're having our Christmas Pinochet-style this year. His is the country where neoliberal economics got its first workout, or so they say, so it's only natural they'd treat that old Red this way (looks a bit like Karl Marx, doesn't he?).

    If this photo shows Xmas Eve, I think I'd rather skip whatever happens under the tree in the morning. "Santa Desaparecido" just doesn't sound like a movie I'd care to see.

    And remember, Mithras is the Reason for the Season!