Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The Earth what a wonder. Now see the map below. It looks like a weather map for a day in early May.  In fact we're just off Christmas Eve. 

The Earth screams in agony at the pain we angry "fire ants" are compulsively inflicting on her. We unknowing, and uncaring torture our Mother.

This Earth the World that birthed us, and all that live with us. 

These days this time as I say in another post this "False Season". This widened Autumn of fearful signs, and few wonders fills me with sorrow, and dread.

Sorrow for the world we have lost, and dread of the one we have making. I sometime envy those with faith in the various invisible g-ds they worship.

A caring kindly divinity that will make everything right, and good. So comforting a notion. I even drift back into faith sometimes. The Holidaze especially re-news my feelings of loss. Loss of my long ago fervent faith.

Well no g-d will fix our wounded world or change the minds of the greedy fearful men that insist on this mass torture of the Earth. Even if these divinities were 'real' I doubt they'd intervene.

They'd say to us they'd answer our prayers with, "You dirtied the Earth 'you' clean it."  

"You murder your children 'you' spear them." 

"You stave your neighbors 'you' feed' them.

"You're plagued with wars, 'you' end them."

No great shining miracles from the sky are needed. 'We' committed all the mentioned crimes, and more. 'We' can stop them. 'We' can make amends. 'We' can heal, and restore.



Stay Tuned.


  1. Weird. Disturbing. Here, there's rain at last - about time too. It's an El Niño phenom, not to be counted upon in years to come.

    A few weeks ago I visited a mountain meadow near where I grew up. The biome is dying - rippling creeks that were once verdant with ferns & other greenery and shaded by oaks since I was seven were three quarters dry with barely a trickle between long stretches of rocky parched stream beds. The mountain's general aspect looked "mangy," as my friend put it. Kinda depressing. I expect that this is the way it will trend for the next couple of hundred years, maybe longer.


  2. Well I've always liked the desert. Now there's no need to move to it - it'll come to me.

    Those able to move with shifting climate belts can follow the rain north, or south (for the Southern Hemisphere). Also, bands of vegetation will likely move uphill, to higher elevations, where those can be found. Many humans who wish to flourish will probably have to become nomadic. For young people, it's a good idea to think about this in advance, starting now.

    We got big trouble coming. Sea level will rise. Just how far no one knows, but it's a good bet that by this century's end port cities around the globe will be inundated, and that's not exactly going to help the economy. Also, low-lying regions like southern Florida, Bangladesh and the Nile delta (a major growing region) will be flooded with salt water. Mass migrations are gonna make those happening now look like small potatoes.

    Here's another big prob. Out of 435 nuclear power plants around the world, about half are near sea level. When they start to go glug glug, what is going to happen? Do humans *really* have our shit together enough to forestall that one? We haven't even managed to properly dispose of the toxic waste we've already generated, nor is there any sign that we will. I don't think it'll be the end of humanity, let alone the world, but it certainly won't be pretty.

    I'm so glad our cell phones are salvific devices. I'm sure there's an app we can download to get Scotty to beam us up. What a relief! Only we have to make sure we worship them sufficiently, or the sacred Dilithium Crystals might refuse to work for us.


  3. Spot on "Z"... spot on !!!