Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Beautiful Boys Cartoons, and Music will save the world from the Fire of War, and Gross Male Stupidity. Well that, and a huge dose of rational common sense! You show'em Mickey!

Btw above there are our dear pals Stevie Lee, and Aqualake. May these lovely boys grow into Heartful men.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Yes! Pretty boys are the salvation of the world! More on this important topic later.

    BTW, I am currently suffering physically most atrociously. I won't go into details at this time, but I am praying to Jesus and Bacchus for deliverance.


  2. AW crap not you too?!

    ...Dear Bacchus please give my pal a damned break for a change. We need this guy, and you know it!

    Jesus look I know we have problems issues'n all, but cut my friend here some slack. You know how important he gonna be when the darkness falls.

    So it's in your interests to make sure he okay. Eh,...we'll talk later about them issues.