Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Queer is as Queer Does"

Well ya may have noticed more Queer stuff here than usual. Sorry can't help it. It just happened is all. If ya freaked out...well what can I say. If ya digs it..ya welcome.

More later I'm going to the Chinese take out. 

Stay tuned. 

Well alright I'm back.

I did get Chinese, but just soup which I really needed 'cause I feel like crap. Which as ya knows I always do. I think I'm dying or something, but it's taking such a damned long time.

My Doc saying that he going to keep me alive pisses me off since I'm really ready to go. I mean who does he think he is. Away besides the trip to Shanghai. Which was swell. I really love the folks there. 

I sometimes go over just to visit them. 

They teach me Chinese words, and phrases...I can cuss in Mandarin now. I think having a Chinese grandma helps...also I'm real sweet patient, and I smile a lot.

Chinese folks like good manners.

Americans in general are rude low-life scumbags. Well that's how they see many of us, and I don't blame'em because we mostly are.

Was I talking about Queer stuff?

Well after Shanghai I went to the Avenue, and got some Caribbean jerk chicken. Caribbeans hate American Blacks, and we ain't too crazy about them.

When I first went to the "Fish'n Chips" joint where I get's my "Jerk-Chicken",...which will probably kill me doc sez. Anyway the boss there asks me if I'm "American?"

I sez my grandpa was from Trinidad

We was okay after that.  ...he was btw. 


Ain't Queers swell. I mean the real kind that are more in tune with all that William Burroughs jazz. As opposed to all the current "We're the same as You" treason.

Fags love guys men old guys boys teens the works. We always have always will. Here's something from a 3000 year old Greek pot to make my point. It depicts a horny young man with a happy receptive teen.

 All that was painted over for assimilation's sake. Everybody happy?

Real Queers call the assimilation freaks "Straight Gays", and or "Stroller Pushers". I used to feel betrayed by them, but in my old age I think I understand them better.

After the AIDS pandemic the Queer Community was near wiped out. All of the radical change generation was all but gone...I know because I was part of that movement. I was there, and saw them go. 

The survivors didn't want to overthrow anything. They wanted to be part of the society as it was, and not what it could be. This pleased straights...liberal ones anyway. So they opened a few doors a little.

A few decades later, and here we are.

Straight Gays with their own sit-coms, and the right to get divorced. The rest of us 'still' criminals, and hunted.   Even right here in front of you I have to be very careful what I post, and how. 

Sometimes even that's not enough. They burn down the page anyway.

Ain't life a bitch. 


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