Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Rabbits on the Moon"

I found this art piece on the web the other day. It really appealed to me. A tribal lad painted with river mud, and dye from tropical flowers. All this to be properly decorated to greet the crescent moon.

I remember, long ago. Back when cars had fins, and everything was in black, and white. I remember my grand aunt telling me that ‘rabbits’ live on the moon. That if you looked real close you’d not only see the “Man in the Moon”, but quick rabbits as well.

So our hero here is all painted, and ready to fly with the moon’s rabbits.

Maybe it’s my meds, but I find this surreal idea pleasing. Quite pleasing indeed. If only I could go back to grand aunt Josey’s house as the lad I was. Go back, and ask her to paint me like an Indian boy. Like an Amazon boy.

Then we’d wait for moon rise. At just the right moment I’d leap, and be caught by the Selena’s tides. The Luna winds, and I’d run, fly with the wild rabbits of the moon. 

Stay Tuned.

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