Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Hot Bleep!"

Bizarre storm winds have sucked warm tropical air all the way to the Pole. So not only is it unnaturally sultry this winter in most of the country,...yeah blizzards, and floods out west, but still.  So not only are we having Bar-B- Q's at Coney island this Christmas...they did. The North Pole is having a "Heat Wave!"

You heard right.

Bleeping "Heat Wave" at the North Bleeping Pole! Thanks to "Man Made" crapping with the climate over the last 250 years, but especially in the last 100. Air circulation the winds have gone totally nuts because we went, and warmed the damned Oceans.

So we get insane storms one place mega droughts in another. In this case warm tropical air has got sucked all the bleeping way up to the North Pole.

Temperatures are,...get this...50f to 70f degrees...I'll say it again. "50f to 70f" higher than winter normal which should be -34f. 'Got no idea what that is in Celsius I ain't French!

That action is the same as winter temps of 120f in Maine. Eh, got ya attention yet?

Basically it's well above freezing at the Pole.

I hope this extreme winter warmth will finally get folks to do something. Oh I don't mean "fix it'. Way way 'too' late for any of that happy noise. No I mean that we finally have to get that we're all totally fucked, and it's time to take measures for our survival.

This ain't a joke anymore.

Serious plans for saving as much of the population, and infrastructure as we can with the little time we still have. This ain't wacko talk anymore it's the real deal because the excreta has hit the turbines in a big way, and we better get the bleep ready for mega interesting times.

( "Clarance", above, the delegated representative of the "Polar Bear Community" tried to awaken humans to what the bleep they were doing to the planet, and specifically his neighborhood. He held a "One Bear" protest on Wall Street a few years back, and was busted for his troubles. Though NPR, below,  did a nice story on him.)

 Eh,...can you swim?

Stay Tuned.


  1. the NBC Nightly news, the CBS Evening news showed nice DAY TIME photos of the North Pole this week, funny thing is, its nightime there most of the time, there is no sunny days like the photos. It is, was 30F and 33F, which is 50 degrees MORE than the "normal" temp for Dec. it was supposed to be -40F.

    I dont like it when the TV news shows images taken in the summer time and forgets to say, herr, guys, you know its 33F in the dark, right? see the url with my name,

  2. "Oh I don't mean "fix it'. Way way 'too' late for any pf that happy noise. No I mean that we finally have to get that we're all totally fucked, and it time to plan measures for our survival."

    This is good thinking, and is exactly what we need to do. At this point it's been glaringly obvious for quite a while that the people in charge aren't going to do jack, any more than the news media they own are going to level with us about the true situation (did we *really* think they were there to inform us?). Moreover, as you say, it's too late: methane is already bubbling in the Arctic Ocean like a fizzy soft drink every summer, blowing holes in the arctic tundra, and that is surely a tipping point. Serious consequences are already heading our way.

    The macro level of society is controlled by neoliberal economics and other forms of brain damage. It's at the level of individuals and small groups that rational action can happen. Those of us who live by the shore might want to think about moving uphill. If we don't want to, then sooner or later we're going to need houses that float. Do you live near sources of locally produced food? How reliable is your water supply? If a storm took out the power, is your neighborhood wealthy and important enough for the power company to fix it, or will you and your neighbors be left to twist in the next big wind? It would be a smart move to start thinking about stuff like this, and positioning ourselves accordingly - those who have the option anyway.

    Oh yeah, about building sea walls around NYC and other important places - ain't gonna happen. When economic reality hits our fiduciary house of cards, probably in the form of a collapse of the derivatives market, it will become apparent that the vast wealth needed for for such grand projects isn't there. Did you think a quarter of the bridges in the United States are falling down because we're so rich? Many counties nationwide are quietly letting their back roads decay to rubble, and even California freeways are bumpy and full of patches.

    Chances are that when that cop's grandkids are old, the spot where he's arresting the "polar bear" will be under water. The good news? Wall Street will be too.


  3. Again and again, I have to agree with you "Z". What the hell... all the good days are already behind us and soon we'll all be dead. And that's the good news!

  4. I have not heard from the TV news that the temp water for the el nini is ONLY .5 (one half) of a degree C. thats thats thats all (it takes) folks. the quot a bugs bunny.

    see the url with my name as a reference thst it's only .5 more of a C.

  5. "If a storm took out the power, is your neighborhood wealthy and important enough for the power company to fix it..."

    We found out after "Sandy" the true answer to that one. The Upper-Class Hood's got their power back on in two seconds. The hardest hit the poor, and working class districts were in fact left twisting in the wind.

    Some like the high risers near the ocean in Brooklyn, and Staten Island on low ground were left without power for over a month.

    This trapped the elderly, and disabled in their apartments.

    "Catholic Charities","Good Hearted" neighbors, and volunteers from the then "Occupy Wall Street" kept them company, watered,and fed till the State, and City were shamed into doing something.

    The local PBS TV station Ch.13 also kept the story 'alive' while all the commercial stations went back to "Reality" shows.

    So yes "Z" it's us on the ground level that will be doing 'all' of the heavy lifting in saving as much of society as we can as things start to seriously fall apart.

    "Sandy" was at least for the NYC area a "Dress Rehearsal" for how thing will 'really' pan out when the real deal blows into town. That is we're on our own!

    So we better get the Bleep Ready!