Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Our Lady of Sorrows"

Life goes on. Even as 'Our Lady' weeps at our cruel madness. Today I finally got my "Adobe" digital recording, and editing system upgraded. That's good. I paid my rent then shopping on the avenue for a winter jacket...not a big coat. I don't think I'll really need one this winter. ...couldn't find one I liked.

I went to my local "T-Mobile', and refilled my phone.

Got some groceries on the way home, and mopped the kitchen floor. ...cleaned the bathroom too. I need to paint part of it I think.

Later I went downtown tried to get a better wind screen for my Pod-mic. No one had what I needed, But I got an extra pair of mid-range headphones for when I finally have a live guest. I'll try again later for the wind-screen.

I'm on an old guy budget so I'm being careful!

Went to the bank to check my new account stuff...yeah I could do it online. However I'm from the 20th century. I needed to see, and speak to a human.

I splurged, and got a "Dr. Who" DVD of part one of Chapter Nine. I don't get the show on my cable service so I catch up on the DVD's as they come out. only real vice these daze.

The world, and it's ways goes on, and people try to live their everyday simple lives within it. It's the best we can do. Well that, and try to make things better with our small acts of Kindness.

Those little Bright Things matter.

As we all from time to time do them. They add up.


Stay Tuned.


  1. Glad you're getting your sound studio all spiffed up. Even an old guy budget beats the crap outta no budget at all.

    BTW, I'm thinking of publishing my art work as a zine, on a monthly or bi-monthly DIY basis. Lemme know if you got any advice.


  2. Hey glad to hear you're publishing. Finally someone to take my place...good bleeping luck! Advise? Just keep at it, and don't stop till you physically can't do it. ...which is sort of what happened to me.

    Work, and work, and work at it.

    Dream about it conspire with comrades on it, and never second guess...just do the damned thing.

    I did this for over forty years in all mediums from mimeo to offset to photo collage to radio to on-line blogs.

    Never got around to video or an do that!

    The Angels will cheer you.

    ( I actually had a dream years back of this happening. )

    Stay Tuned.