Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Charles Guislain"...model, and Diva

As you know I lost my Heart, and other assorted organs to Charlie here some time ago. It's a classic "Blue Angel" or "Death in Venice" deal. Although I have no intention of kicking the bucket over this kid.

No this is just one of those fan obsession things. 

Fortunately for me,...and my lawyers. Charlie, and I are separated by an ocean, fashion, and a shit load of decades. So there it is. Still the Heart can dream.

Here below is Charlie in over the top Drag. 

He looks like a boozy Twiggy. I'm glad he didn't follow up on this much. Drag is cool mind you, but ya has to be careful about it. A little too much this way or that, and things get nuts...ya know?

I likes him better as a vaguely Angelic Faerie Sissy Boy Shaman Spirit Being.   Um...a proper Cupid as the Romans saw them. In the bloom of early manhood, and Boy Beauty...with a real Dick. You get my point.

Btw I still wanna marry Charlie up there. ( Drag or not.)

My steamy mad obsession with him has now lasted so long he's of legal marry'n age! So I don't have to adopt him, but can have a swell outright Queer Marriage.

I'd like the gleeful shebang performed by Whoppie Goldberg at first base in Yankee Stadium with the famed "Pussy Riot" singing a no doubt unique version of "Here Comes da Bride!".

My heavens!

I can already see dear Charlie all done up in a wedding outfit especially cooked up by that demented one percenter fashion genius Valentino Garavani. 

Rafael-esq Angel-winged semi-nude choirboys will be carrying the gown's 200 ft. train with unemployed comix book artists spreading medical Marianna before the scared procession.

'Course I'll be rolled along in an oxygen tent by my medical team who will be trying to keep me alive to the end of the ceremony.

Like the song below sez, "I have NO! regrets".

Stay Tuned.

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