Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Tink by Candle Light"

As you may read below I was insanely ill again. Swell just great. Anyway when I got home from my local snake pit hospital I took some snaps of my trusty Tinkerbell figurine by the light of a scented romantic.

In a creepy shut-in constantly ill, and grumpy sort of way.

Anyway I've been dragging the damned little gal around with me for nearly 20 years. Don't know how many times I glued her wings, and assorted arms back on.

Well I'm moving to new, and I hope my final digs soon, and the old girl is coming with me. I think I'd like her to be propped up next to my ashes urn when that shake'n bake day comes.

Btw please make sure I'm actually for real no frigging kidding dead before anybody lights any fires. I'd hate for there to be a misunderstanding about that.

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