Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Christmas Night"

Christmas Night or the Eve of Boxing Day. Yeah like so many others I'm a mass of emotions. This time of year that's supposed to be so joyful is for a bunch of us anything but.

I'm surprised that Hallmark doesn't have a line of Agony Cards for this"Joyous" season.
Anyway here I am eating stuff that's somewhat deadly for me...a frigging big rack of Bar-B-que Ribs, and Cream Soda. Just the thing to get me calling 911 in a few hours.

Also all that phony rejoicing on TV that was recorded last summer. Especially the stuff done on the Coast. Sorry stuff that's clearly in some sunny seriously upscale background does not a humble Christmas make.

That make-believe crap really pisses me off.

I guess Christmas really 'is' only for children the religiously deluded, and the insane.

Me I'm just a regular guy trying to get by on much less than I used to. Ain't no happy shit falling out of the sky for the likes of us. I'm Blessed though. Seriously lucky to put it rationally.

I could be back on the street dying in some hospital hallway unattended because my insurance is crap shot blind stabbed starving in jail the Army or married.

Yeah all in all considering 'that' noise I'm doing okay.

So a Merry Holidaze to you all, and watch your bleeping back...this shit ain't Disneyland ya know.


  1. You gotta get some decent nutritional advice and stick with it! You're eatin yourself to death! What'll Tick Tock do without you?

    Xmas in the USA is little more than a toxic frenzy of cretinous consumerism punctuated by Mallwart slugfests over crappy plastic imports. It's best to avoid those ads like the plague.


  2. Yeah them ribs were a big mistake, but I been a good comrade for months..years dammit about my diet. I went off the reservation just this once, and I'm paying for it this morning.

    Back to steamed veggies with occasional chicken for me!

    As for Xmas bleep it. I'm hanging on for New Years a proper Pagan celebration!

    Uncle Syd...I'm too lazy to sign in.

  3. Syd, it's just as easy and cheap to eat healthy foods as it is the toxic stuff. For Zeus's sake, take care of yourself!

  4. Actually they ain't cheap, and they taste like cardboard. On the other hand homemade health food hits the spot. Mostly I steam veggies. I make veggie stew, and soup. As I say sometime with chicken.

    That ribs thing was an aberration. I just wanted it so got it.


  5. Btw "Tick Tock" sez hi,...or "ecck, ecck!"