Friday, December 20, 2013

"Aw Man Not Again!"

Well here we go again. Yeah I was out during that ice-snow-rain storm we had last weekend. Hey it was a nice day'n I thought I'd go for a walk. When I found I was walking in 10 inches of slush I figured I'd made a mistake.

What the heck it was 28f with a driving wind blowing dagger sharp hail rain, and snow into my face. What could go wrong?

So I come to three daze later in a sea of my own vomit, and snot. I can hardly move as all them deadly symptoms that had me call 911 the last time was back ten fold.

To top all this swell fun my new insurance hadn't kicked in yet. Well okay it did just today, but I needed it on Tuesday. Ya know dear comrades not that long ago I paid no attention to such trifles as the weather, and insurance. 

Today this jazz is bleeping life'n death.

Hey it's okay I'm getting better,...again. I've been out shopping for my meds food, and bootleg DVD's. Btw that bootleg market is nearly gone. The Feds have really taken these fine folks out...damn!  I didn't get any titles. I guess I'll just have to get stuff illegally downloaded from the web, I didn't say, officer.

Below are the "Concerned League of Barbies" holding a mass vigil for my health. Above is an Angel blessing the meat wagon carrying what's left of me to a 'snake pit' City Hospital.  

Aw don't worry your ol' Uncle has been through worse. Reminds me of a story. See one night I had somehow..ahem..come by 12 grams of 99% pure cocaine. Well, one thing led to another, and...

Speaking of species Barbie. Here's an old post from last winter I did about our sweet little pal. Yep that gal's always up to something.

For heaven's sakes what the hell's wrong with that gal?! Last month it was the Meth lab she was running with them bikers in the old Cabbage Patch Doll factory. Before that she was running guns, and rockets to Syria.

 I don't even wanna get into her human trafficking rackets. Good grief she used to be such a clean cut kid. I mean after she managed to get that plea deal. Ya know the one where she walked after that trying to sell stolen Soviet Nukes to them nutters in Mogadishu. Well hell talk about ducking an Interpol bullet. We thought she'd call it a day, and retire on all her coke money after that. 

But no! Naw not her. What does she do? She goes out to roll Johns on Sunset Blvd for laughs.

Well that's our girl. 

Stay Tuned.

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  1. What - sick AGAIN? That really has me worried. Stay outta da cold Sidney, an start taking vitamin C or something!

    I gotta get insurance too, just soon as my ship comes in.