Friday, December 27, 2013

"Star in the East"

I waited up all night, but no "Wise Guys" showed up at my digs with gold Frankenstein, and or booze. So I guess I'm not anybody's savior after all. Still I took a photo of the star in question just in case.

Okay yeah it don't look like much, but I took the shot from real far away.

Amazing how many otherwise sane folks buy the Nativity story. If ya tell them all about the other Mediterranean mystery cults before during, and after that period they glaze over.

Faith is a serious thing.

The object of belief doesn't have to be real. However the human need to believe is. It's like the old saying there are two Christian faiths. The faith of the people, and the knowledge of the theologians. Believe me these two do not mix well.

The people live by all the wiz-bang, and high-jinks  of tradition. This with basically no understanding of the true history of their religion at all. Islam is the same way. Jews are another matter. These folks...the saner of them are nothing if not inquisitive about their history.

'Matter of fact some of their theologians just finished a decades long investigation into that 40 years in the desert thing. Ya know all that parting of the Red Sea action that was in that old movie a while back.

Anyway these guys came back, and said, "....ya won't believe it, but we couldn't find shit about shit out there!" 

"Looks like none of it happened."

To which the Judaic world said, " shit." 

"Aw well never mind. We still have 6000 years of other swell stuff to argue over."

Now imagine some Christian big shots saying, "...Eh guys look.. all that Christmas jazz the whole deal is baloney." 

"In fact we knew this all along, but didn't wanna "Scrooge" up your party." 

"We actually have no idea when the guy was born. We're only halfway sure he even existed."

Noise like that coming out'a the Vatican or televangelists shows might cause a tad of a stir.  Ya know whole cities burnt to the ground human sacrifices that sort of thing.

Theologians, and other assorted trouble makers know this so keep their mouths shut,...for now. who cares. Com'on whatever gets you through the night. long as ya don't bother anybody with your crap.

Stay Tuned.

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