Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Naked Radio"

Thousands of years ago. Oh my it must have been in the early 1980's. Yeah morning in someone's America I heard. Anyway a bunch of trouble makers at the former WBAI radio, eh try, and see if it's still there.

Anyway as part of the oral history on my 30 plus years trapped in that dump "Uncle Sydney Remembers" is the working title. "Eat Shit, and Die you Jew Hating Eunuch!" is the real masthead.

I think I'm digressing already.

What I meant to say was that way back then  some of the overnight crew. That is engineers, and on air presenters started going to a nude beach together. Out on Jones Beach there was for a time an unofficial nude bathing area.

'Least till that bastard Mayor Koch closed it down.

That prick was everybody's enemy! He was in the pocket of the evil real-estate interests which at that time was kicking out the working poor, and middle class from Manhattan.

His infamous statement at a press conference about that, "If you can't afford it...move." ..said his honor with a smirk!

His head deserved to be impaled on a pike, and paraded about after the merciless hot bloody, and vengeful revolution! ...along with all the lawyers of course.

I digresses again.

Anyway for a few years from late May to the beginning of September we did the beach. This got us used to seeing each other sky-clad or bluejay butt nekkid!

Hey we was 20, and in a few cases teen somethings. That, and mostly stoned out of our minds...horny too.

One thing led to another, and we started being naked at the radio station. At the stroke of midnight when all the serious "day" people had gone home to pray to Stalin or Fidel the night crew took over.

Oh such gleefully though innocent fleshy times. We did some of the most creative New York radio of the era, and did it stoned, and nekkid as the G-ddess intended.

Mind you those of us still breathing, and there ain't that many . What with cancer AIDS, and the stupid bullshit that just happens taking us out.

The few still around probably wouldn't do a stripped down re-run. This for esthetic reasons.

Com'on would you really 'want' to see ya grand folks nekkid..on purpose. 

Nuff said.

Like in  my story further down about routinely lunching, and walking the ledge of the Empire State Building.  My legs dangling over the edge. Oh the things we did, and called normal. 

Still what a time we had.

Stay Tuned.

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