Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Blood'n Iron!"

 I'm of multiple minds these days. I still have all the love compassion rejoice in the wonder of living crap. However these times I sit around thinking how much fun it would be to have a no quarter take no prisoners class war in this country.

Kill'em all'n let Satan sort'em out.

'Had a deranged war  fantasy last night. It was swell fun. Platoons of the Peoples Army tearing through gated communities shooting them places to hell!

Everybody dies!

Plutocratic cats dogs babies grandpa's grandma's the works!! Aw man it was fun! Burn everything! All them rich boy toys burn it! Blast open the banks, and burn the currency too!  Lay waste the museums, and galleries! A clean sweep. 

Pol Pot, and Robespierre would be proud!

Damn then I snapped out of it...yuck. Naw I wouldn't make such a good blood splattered avenger of the masses after all. They say you should have to eat all you kill. Well gee comrades I just ain't that hungry.

Aw hell I guess it's long term reform politics as usual.

Still it was fun dreaming about chasing them yuppie fucks down with crazed pit bulls burning the Met to the ground, and throwing all that gold at the Fed into the river.

Yep a good time was had by all.

Stay Tuned.

(Graphics are from "DMZ" a comix from a few years a ago about our coming Second Civil War.)

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  1. Hey Uncle Syd, it looks like ya got yer wish after all. Check this out: