Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Lonely Planet"

This is a damned lonely century for some of an age. As we Boomers edge off the stage to everyone's relief. There's an sharp lonesomeness some of us experience.

We're mostly alone these daze. 

I did a wailing rant about this on the air a few years back. It was a prayer to all that I thought I had lost,...but in fact hadn't. We lose nothing gang we keep it with us.

Still like a lost child I wailed anyway.

"Where's my Mommy?!"

"Where's my Grandma?!"

"Where's my House?!"

"Where's my Friends?!"

"Where's my School?!"

"Where's my Bike?!"

"Where's the boy I was in love with in high school?!

"Where's our Peach Tree?!"

"Where the Big Summer Moon over Aunt Sybil's House?!

"Where's Daddy?!"

"Where's my Dog?!"

"Where's G-d that Heartless Bitch!!"

"What's going on here?!!"

"This ain't funny anymore!!!"

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