Friday, December 27, 2013


Yup!! Take it from ya old Ukie Syd. Eat'n dead animals is good, and good for ya. Why just the other night I ate me up a giant ass rack of juicy ribs! Well yeah sure I was sick as hell after, but every pleasure has it's price.

Sort of like when I thought that doing up them 12 grams of Cocaine at one go was a swell idea.

Hey how was I to know that was fatal?

Aw man though like them swell ribs it was great going down,...till the part where I was freaking out, and dying.

So boy'n girls if ya willing to pay the price eat meat, and do vast quantities of hard drugs. I did, and by sheer stupid dumb luck survived!

...and went back for seconds.

(The above is a cautionary tale please don't eat meat or do hard drugs. Esp. 'not' at the same time. Wow that was an event!)

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