Thursday, December 26, 2013

"I Have a Cat",...kinda


The hungry cat at the top is sort of my cat. She's also everybody on the block's cat too. There are a lot of former house cats that have been thrown out onto the streets. 

It's even been on local TV it's such a widespread thing.

My gawd even in hard times how can folks do such a thing? Anyway the locals are taking them in or calling the ASPCA.These are sad harsh times indeed.

I call my cat "Tick Tock" because that's how she speaks. When she see's me or one of the neighbors that feed her she does a sort of "...eckk,...eckk" instead of a meow.

I've taken to always carrying a can of cat food in my backpack in case I run into her or one of her many pals. Others I've found do the same. 

Mind you she doesn't seem to want to come back into a home situation. I guess she's adapted to the wilds. She's happy just to have her ears scratched, and be fed.

More on "Tick Tock" as the sightings continue.

Stay Tuned.

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