Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"From Russia with Love!"

Turns out that bleeping maniac Putin was the man for the job after all. Our hero Obama whereas a nice guy is just not a War-Time leader. Sure being a "Peacenik" that was fine with me till Isis showed up slaughtering, and demolishing everything, and everybody in sight!

Them Russian maniac bastards have done more damage to the Nazi Isis fucks in three daze of heavy bombing that the so-called "Coalition" has in a year!


Here Here for the Red Air Force!

Whoever thought 'them' guys would turn out to be the "Good Guys" in any conflict?! I say pour it on guys fry the fucking hell out'a them!!

It's so bad for them Isis butchers that they're actually for the 'first time' deserting in numbers from their posts, and running for their lives. This tells me that we that the west were 'never' really interested in blowing Isis away.  

Ah man what a twisted fucked up world.

Putin the Good Guy, and Obama the fucking Pussy?!

No offense to my dear gal comrades, but ya see what I mean. This whole thing the last decade has been like the "Superman-Bizarro World"...google that.

'But never mind Bomb them Isis Nazi Shits way back to the Jurassic!!!

"Red Santa" on the Ground Hunting Isis Butchers. HO-HO-HO-HO!!!

Naw he don't look at all happy 'this' year. Guess he checked that "List" more than twice this time, and found some 'really' Bad Boys!

Yep blowing away Isis Nazi's gets my Queer Pacifist Blood Good'n Up!!!

Angels forgive me.

Anne Frank was right "People are Good". 'Mostly'. It's them 'few' others that's the problem. Which it seems we're finally doing something about.

Stay da fuck Tuned!