Thursday, November 26, 2015

"End Of Daze"

Russian SU-24 shot down by Turkey. Putin sez "Stab in Back!" Just in....pilot 'may' have been alive after crash. Some reports say he was beaten to death by either Isis or Turkish soldiers. Note gleeful maniac kneeling over the body.

The photos look bad.

This was Turkey supporting Isis in a back door sort of way. They hate the Kurds, and are very happy that Isis is exterminating them. Something Turkey would like to do it's it native Turkish Kurds. like the did the Armenians a century ago. The Russian plane looks like an SU-24. 

War is hideous no matter whose fighting. Putin called this act, "...a Stab in the Back". It looks like the "Guns of August" again. ( that title.)

The slow move from incident to incident politics getting more, and more cold, and sinister. National pride mixed with the desperate need of resources plus our old friend Mass Stupidity. Before anyone knows it troops are on the move. This has to be responded to,...and and and.

'And then we get what we wanted all along.

Stay Tuned.


  1. The image of the Russian pilot is awful. Who is that loon in the top photo? Is he really gloating over the body? I don't see it in that photo. But if so, how vile.

    If we get into a direct confrontation with Russia, my guess is that we'll get our ass handed to us. I gather that for the past 20 or 30 years our military contractors have designed their wares to maximize their ability to pocket the contents of the public coffers - as opposed to, say, defending the United States. Just check out the story on the F35 farrago. We're well equipped for smashing uppity subject nations; for defeating major powers, maybe not so much.


  2. As you said, and I've posted, and said for years. We are more than well equipped to slaughter any number of tribal warrior clans, and armies at the same time. "Damned 'good' hunting" as our Imperial Brit pals used to say.


    Trying to pull that noise off on pissed off Nation States with the ability to shoot back as well or better than we,...well.

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    Stay Tuned.