Monday, November 16, 2015


Greetings Comrades. This a few days after the violent events in Paris on Friday the 13th 2015. 129 killed over 350 seriously wounded. Many tens of thousands traumatized.

This is yet another "Human Calamity" to be sadly filed with all the others we're piling up. This all this is part of the aftermath of our recent 100 years War.

This the second time in the last millennium we've done such a mad thing. In our case we called it WW1, WW2, and the Cold Wars. Now the final chapter of these events the "Terror War".

Basically a conflict between the 21st century, and the 14th.

Oh, and before anyone gets started "Isis" perhaps the most deadly ideology since German National Socialism. These maniacs have killed nearly 30,000 Muslims. That is Islamist that don't fit the very narrow brutal confines of their idea of Islam.

So keep in mind the ethnic battle lines are not sharply drawn.

Also I just read the people of Paris routed a demo by anti-refugee anti-Muslim French National Front Nazis. So it seems everybody still has their heads screwed on right.

War as we knew it especially the sort fought during our last 100 years game is over. This where vast armies battled across continents in the air, and on the sea. Victory coming when one of the belligerents capitals was in flames.

That's over.

Now it's hands full of trained or semi-trained revolutionary cadres or maniac demented killers...take your pick. Going after "soft" targets to kill as many ordinary people as possible along with themselves. 

Against this we employ aircraft carriers jet bombers, and the afore-
mentioned vast armies.

Which is why we're losing.

The forces of "Terror" are winning period. How? Because they're achieving their goals. Disrupt, and radically change life in their enemy's countries.

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Because of these folks, and the method in which we fight them we've lost many Freedoms. Our borders are in lock-down. Mild normally, but "hard lock-down" when Terror strikes. 

Our police forces are now militarized. Travel has become restricted. Also our citizens are subject to arrest being held without recourse to legal assistance for days. In some cases indeterminate periods.

Then there's the 'new' legal wrinkle,...Torture.

No matter what Obama said before the Joint House a few years back you "Can Be Tortured" now. You can now also be "Disappeared".

The "Age of Terror" has done this to us.

A few thousand maniacs with bombs AK-47s, and knives have won a serious Victory. They've distorted, and corrupted our Western Culture. They did it with a minimum direct action. They mostly just pushed us to fall on to our own worse instincts.

Trading most of our Freedoms for Security.

Now we have neither. So until we change how we understand, and fight the "Terror War". The guys with the guns, and bombs will continue to be on the Victorious side of this Long Conflict.

Stay Tuned.


  1. You've summed it up perfectly Sidney.

  2. Thanks comrade. As we all have figured out it's really simple. Just change tactics to fit the new war, and see where it goes. Course we 'could' just offer Peace, and Reconciliation.

    That's the wise, and holy "Wild Card" solution.

    We can only hope.