Monday, November 16, 2015

"The Holy Option"

We're fighting this "War on Terror" as I say in the post below with all the tools, and tired strategies of the last several conflicts. So until we get wise to the dead end that is we're Fucked.

However, and this is my fervent hope. There's always the possibility of a "Wild Card" historical event. Some swell "Holy" person showing up, and leading the sweaty bunch of out of this self-made Hell.

I could see a lovely Lad surrounded by a Golden Aura good vibes showers of rose pedals, and all that other divine jazz. 

The Holy lad would show up in East L.A. Brixston Mexico City, maybe South Brooklyn Rabat or Kabul. He'd be preaching all sorts of rational wise cool Holy Shit, and leading the crazed Bloodstained lot of us...

Into the "Age of Peace, and Wild Parties".

This just seems reasonable.

                      show'em how it's done Kid!

Stay Tuned.