Monday, November 30, 2015

"Simon Loekle 1953~2015"

Simon Loekle, and I were close friends for over 30 swell years. There isn't the space on any page for all the adventures we, and the "Early Morning Radio Alliance" of the former WBAI got up to. Including noted radio productions of the works of Shakespeare, personal pharmaceutical research huge feasts in China Town, those walks around the ledge of the Empire State Building. 

'But wait there's more!

Which I can't tell you the laws being what they are. Still it was a great adventure in living life to the full! Simon was in the middle of it all. Bless him a thousand times over.

In my final daze at WBAI before the "Great Purge". 

Simon's show would come on just after mine. He would often sit-in, and share the last five to ten minutes of my deranged program with me. We had fine Laffs! Aw gee swell times. 

For those that didn't know him or never heard him on the air. 

Go here:

Oh Simon..oh my dear dear friend. 

Goodbye, and "Happy Trails"

Stay Tuned.


  1. So sorry to hear you've lost a good friend Sidney. It's a major, major downer as I know from experience.

    I'm afraid you'll get depressed. So be it known that even now I am preparing reams of tastefully & ( I hope) exquisitely homoerotic art - well, at least a few more examples - for subsequent publication & the greater glory of Homo Eros. Never can this redress the loss of a friend, but I figure it probably won't hurt.