Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Remember this Guy?'

Both the Tea Party, and far Left despise Obama. The far right want him on trial for subverting the Constitution. The far Left think he should be put on trial for war crimes.


You would have to have the leaders of most of the countries of the world standing with him in Court. It's not "One" villain doing the harm. Rather a whole "World Culture of Capital Power Greed, and Institutional Stupidity".

As it is Obama is the least guilty of that lot.

Even the most 'idealistic' assuming power becomes part of the problem. Because they're inheriting a Horrifying "Game in Progress". One that seems so far "Immune" to reform.

Though it's lots of fun, and easy to do...

It would be wise if we finally got over our simple gut "solutions" to immensely complex problems.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I'm not a fan. But I will admit that if a Republican were President, I would not have gotten Medicare and would be in much worse case. Like you've said, people like us will live longer if a Demogop is in office instead of a Republicrat.


  2. Exactly. A Democratic administration is always good for keeping folks alive through all them swell social democratic programs.

    The Republican wet dream is to abolish the lot!

    All that "Rugged Individual" log cabin fantasy yahoo.

    "By cracky the Pioneers didn't need no Medicare!"

    "When they got tendentious from deep cuts or pneumonia they didn't go crying to some big government program!"

    They died writhing in agony in the mud, and puking green bile as a good American should!