Thursday, November 19, 2015


All this my life this world is too dark. Too painful too confusing. I'm so weary so very very tired.

 Stay Tuned.


  1. I know the feeling. I hope you're feeling better soon. Maybe it would be better to ignore the news for a while and focus on tabletop theatres..?


  2. I have to agree with Z, Sidney. I think most of us who come to your pages know the same feeling. Hang in there.

  3. Yeah, it is a hard and ugly world, but what we see is not all there is. The picture of the winged boy above, for all its gloom, spoke something else to me, and I had to write.

    Wings in the Dark

    The world is dark and full of gloom,
    and all that’s in my mind is doom,
    but even in the cold and pouring rain.
    something in me seems to strain,
    a blackened balloon that wants to rise
    above depression toward the skies;
    but, sitting here, I’m feeling down;
    beneath my hood I can only frown,
    and from this cliff expect to fall –
    to me there seems no hope at all –
    and when at last the end seems near,
    and I succumb to all my fear,
    a voice within me says that I …
    still have wings and still can fly.-----ed pacht

  4. Thank you Ed.

    I've posted your poem about the "Balloon Boy" on my Facebook page. I hope that's okay,'s gotten a very good reception. Thanks for being there.

    Thank you, and all the other swell comrades that have stayed with my page over the years.


    1. By all means use it. I've lost your email addy and your facebook addy. If you'd email me, I have sad news about a mutual friend that I'd rather not put here.