Monday, April 29, 2013

"Brother can you spare a line of Credit?"

Aw well here we go again. The esteemed institution that's employed me since the Carter administration is on the edge. The Pacifica Radio Network has been slamed pretty good between the eyes by the Second Great Depression.

Amazing it held up as long as it did.

Anyway we're having local deferred payrolls. That means they can't pay us on time. Reminds me of the Great Repression of 1982...thanks Mr. Reagan. That's the last time this sort of thing happened. We hardly got paid for months. It's centuries ago, but was such a trauma that old timers here remember it vividly.

Being commies we used to pool the tiny portions of the pay we did get. This way we all ate. Also some of the comrades took to living at the station, We had a vacant second floor that became a dormitory of sorts.

This made for..ahem, some cozy circumstances. Remember we were in our twenties, and stoned, and horny most of the time. However this time things may be a bit rougher. We're some of us  near or actual senior citizens grumpy easily annoyed, and need all sorts of meds. Not the fun kind neither.

Damn I put off paying my electric bill till this pay cycle.

Well looks like I may be reading by candle light for a bit. As for the rent....humm. I'll have to get back to ya on that. I may have to get ready to be houseless again. Aw rats I was just getting comfortable too.

If only Obama had got elected back in '08.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sorry to hear that Sidney. Do those clowns from the coast or whoever manages things at Pacifica offer you any kind of pension or retirement deal, or am I fantasizing like we were back in the 70s and the USA became a Swedish style socialized democracy like it could have done?

    You might want to check out " tiny houses." That's my retirement plan. When times get tough, you adapt if you can.

    Sure know what you mean about being old and grumpy. I can NOT adapt to crowded noisy quarters where the person in the next bunk is snoring even louder than me. Can't stand that! I'd rather live in converted schoolbus caravan, if that's not too wildly optimistically luxuriantly consumerist posh for present times - which I suppose it might be.


  2. "In recognition of your decades of loyal service, here's a sandwich...hey com'on it's go mustard."

    That pretty much the retirement I'm expecting from these goons.

    As for them "tiny houses" yeah I'm familiar with them. Back the last time I was houseless I'd planned to get one, and live the life of a housed nomad. This may actually happen as more millions are forced out of the living economy, and into the vast underside.

    Instead of cardboard boxes as homelessness becomes a permanent institution. We may see more of not trailer culture, but moveable "tiny house" culture. There's a short sci/fi film in this somewhere.