Monday, April 15, 2013

Springtime at last! Time for falling asleep on park benches, and planting this year's crop of cannabis. Well that, and wandering around out in the open more often. 

You know it's spring around here because all the garbage from the winter defrosts  at the same time. Filling the air with that traditional fragrance of bus exhaust, and rotten meat.

Spring is also that swell short period in the Emerald City between frostbite, and heat exhaustion.

Speaking of frozen fingers, and heat stroke I came across this seriously strange 1944 Brit film on YouTube.

  ..see below. 

It's seems to be some sort of spring ritual full of hints of pagan sexuality, and liberal do-goodness. Any Brit out there care to give us a clue as to what the hell is happening in this?

Actually I think it's sweet naively innocent, and cute.


  1. I don't see no vid on my gopher phone, but then that's kinda like watching panoramic movies on a Dick Tracy wristwatch.

    BTW I posted my grandiose adventures under your message from a couple days back. Don't miss 'em.


  2. These damned toys! Watch it on a proper screen it's an interesting artifact.

  3. 'Tis the Crowning of the Queen of May, probably pre-Medieval in its origins, but, of course, changing in its details as time goes on. I'm a Massachusetts and New Hampshire Yankee, but I remember parts of this from my own childhood on this side of the pond. The little dance with which it opens is one I remember the little kids doing spontaneously in the schoolyard. I was in fifth grade, too mature for such childish things.