Monday, April 22, 2013

"What the Fuck was this About?"

What a mess. The whole Boston Bomb shoot'em up Chechen teen terrorist affair. People blown to bits a city driven nuts. Paranoia anxiety fear mongering all the major food groups coming in at the same time.

It all ends on a boat in somebody's back yard. The surviving maniac all shot up, and bleeding to death, and probably wondering how the fuck he got into this whole thing.  

For my money the older brother was the brains of this duo. The kid a 19 year old slacker was along for the ride. He clearly had no real idea what the hell they had done. For Christ's sake after they did the deed he just went home, and took up where he left off.

Right the whole damned world is looking for these knuckle heads, and they're home watching TV. The younger one is back at class going to the gym, and kid parties like nothing happened. What the bleeping fuck was this all about what were they thinking?!

I never understood terror stuff. 

How the fuck does blowing up folks at a race in Boston help anybody in the profoundly cruel evil insane perpetual Chechen war? I don't get it. They disembowel blind maim folks that have nothing to do with anything, and they figure this will show Russia whose boss?

Anyway look I ain't trying to get the kid off the hook, but till he talks...if he can talk. It looks like he was along for the ride. By their actions post attack they clearly had no idea what they had really done. I'd say this is especially true of the kid.

So don't hang'em.

The death penalty is so 20th century as the youngsters say. Come to think of it I don't think Massachusetts has it anymore which is a good thing. Try'em try to get him to make sense for us why they did it then put him away in some nut house.

This is the best I can come up with for now. 

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