Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paula Dean, and the "N" word Incident"

Paula Deen the TV cooking show Queen got snagged big time for using the ever popular "N" word. Heck I use it all the time so do all 10 billion Hip Hop maniacs.

Eh sadly for Paula she ain't of Color, and as far as I know not a Hip Hop DJ. So she's fucked. See the demented mutated racial customs of this country now say only the victims of certain words are allowed to use them.

I'm still trying to figure that one out. If I do there's a book deal, and an HBO series in it for me.

As for Ms. Dean we'll actually I feel sorry for her. 

When it comes to white folks of a 'certain' generation one has to take things into consideration. These folks grew up in an era when everyone that wasn't white was in a free fire zone.

White people back then, and still in a few places could say or do anything they wanted to Niggers.  ...oops. There I go using my dark skin privilege to use the forbidden word.   

Anyway if you're a History Channel buff or watch any Ken Burns stuff you know the deal. Colored Folks got Royal Bleeping Hell before during, and after Slavery. ...I'm here to tell you!

So whites who grew up in during Jim Crow had certain habits they later had to drop or at least hide. Now they have to think before they speak,...not easy for some as we've seen. 

That generation of whites from their point of view have had to come a very long way. It hasn't been easy for most.  I have Compassion for them. They're trying. So I'm not angry with Paula Dean. I guess it's that Buddha Jesus thing. Love those that Despise you.

Mind you that don't mean I'm buying lunch for the Nazi's that burnt a cross on my lawn. However it does mean I'm obligated to try to understand how they got to such a state. 

...not easy nor fun, but a worthy effort.

Stay Tuned.


  1. This is complete bullshit...I don't know why you think it's OK to give her a free pass just because she is of a "certain generation", so a 90 year old Nazi can still walk around saying Kyke and making lampshades out of Jews coz he is of that generation?? We all have our prejudices, difference is 98% of us manage to keep them on lock and never utter them in anyone else's presence...this is necessary for a society to function and be somewhat civilized. And I'm tired of hearing that bullshit argument from White folks about, well rappers get to say it, why can't we?? Well ask yourself krakkka, why are you so eager to use the word, how does it improve the quality of your life to be able to use it? Also, aren't you supposed to be the "master race'?, hah hah, if you can't figure out why you're not supposed to use it, I feelz sorry for you and your lonely brain cell . As far as I'm concerned, this is a word re-claimed by African Americans and they can do whatever the hell they want with it...and I mean solely African American, no other Black on Earth should let that word fall freely from their tongues, coz they have not had to endure the full weight of it the way AA's have, also I hate making direct comparisons with Gay liberation and AA's, but I know homosexuals who call others in their tribe, dyke, queer, faggot, queen even...and this is their right, if I as a straight dared to do that, I should expect to swallow some teeth...the exception is when you have complete access and acceptance in that culture...then you are given a pass...which is why you hear white folks and Latinos in hip-hop using that word freely, it's grating to my ears, but I understand how that happens, the evolution of the word if you will.


  2. Wow great Rant!

    That's the stuff. This is why I bother to post all this noise. Getting folks thinking, and see how full of it I can be.

    Still I 'do' feel compassion for my oppressors.

    I'm just like that.

    I agree with the bulk of your rant, but the Buddha stuff is still there for me. Racist shit burns like acid on your soul, and you don't get used to it.It hurts as much as the first time every-time, and it happens a lot.

    Having sympathy forgiveness compassion for oblivious people that hurt you without a thought seems nuts. Come to think of it, 'is' nuts.

    'But then both Jesus, and the Buddha, and most of other holy folks we're totally raving.

    Anyway no the random use of the 'N' word by white folks or the "F" or "Q" word by straights is not what I'm for. Just that I understand that for them it hard to break the habit of absolute hegemony over just about everybody else.

    I'm willing to meet them half way if they're sincere in the trying to be a different person is all. No matter how fucked up they are. Even when they try to fix it. Make amends they often just dig themselves in deeper like Paula is still doing.

    I especially have the "C" word for them then. Because even in their backfiring amends they're trying.

    Besides being angry just adds to the mayhem, and is so tiring.

    Thanks for the rant...Four Stars ****!

  3. ...And lest we forget the United States is the country which taught South Africa about apartheid...after it got the handbook from the U.K of course, South Africa of course turned it into an art form and I say this to say that America has done a job on AA's which reverberates through generations,they have a right to be up in arms, sensitive, whatever, to how people bandy that word about, like it is not hurtful. Imagine if you will the furore if WOP, KYKE, CHINK, SPIC were in the lexicon, jargon, as often as NIGGER was? It just wouldn't be allowed, yet African Americans are meant to absorb hurt after hurt after hurt, like they are non humans FUCK THAT, not on my watch.

    Now here's the thing NIGGER can be an extremely funny word...exhibit A-Richard Pryor but even he jettisoned it after a while, but I have African American friends who use it as punctuation an adjective a noun etc, in story telling, in general...and it is FUCKING HILARIOUS!...but here's the thing CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING and that's what our Caucasian brethren and sistren need to get through their skulls when they are clamoring for permission to use the they ever needed permission, ha! Any krakkka who ever steps to me with that argument, should be prepared to get a new asshole torn into them by me, coz I'm not tryna hear it.

    By the way, some of my best friends are white...and other yawn inducing statements :)

  4. In Paradise the Bar-B-Q is free, and there's a floor show every night!

  5. Well you can keep the flesh, as I'm a vegetarian, but I'll take the floor show, so long as Sammy Davis Jr and Nat King Cole do a duet, whilst Paula Dean busies herself shining their shoes backstage.