Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Blessed are they who have not Seen, but Believe,...kinda"

 The following are posts I entered onto Jon McNaughton's blog. Jon is a Conservative Christian artist. He does classical realist works on the politics of our times. He don't like Obama big time! Anyway I like his stuff  it has Heart albeit from a view that drives me nuts it's truly a surreal romp through the Culture Wars.

Check out his site:

(The below is in response to Jon saying he's inspired to do a painting about the Supreme Court's decision on Queer Marriage rights. As you can imagine this decision has profoundly freaked out the Christian Right.) 

"So what's wrong with folks loving, and marrying? As far as I know your Lord never said anything about Homosexuals. As for Leviticus it also said you could kill your wife, and kids if they disobeyed you,...your slaves too. So it isn’t about religion. Some just don't like these gay folks is all. I guess they never will. Despite my heresy I actually like, am moved by your art. It shows the humanity of the conservative Christian point of view. It's spokesmen fail at that terribly."

"In my life I've had great spiritual events happen. This is why I believe in the Divine. In my case the Divine has no name is not human is vast, and humble at the same time. Also is not angry can't be. That's what we do. All the religious wars, and anger between folks is the human part of faith. We're human we hate, and kill. The Divine does not. As I see it at the bottom of all faiths is this feeling that G-d is leading us guiding us to be a better species. ...and that's that. All the raging emotion about the overturning or abusing of this or that custom is humanity having fearful tantrums. G-d is leading us to love each other, and the creation we're blessed with. I think it's that simple. Everything else is just us afraid, and raging."

(This below is an example of the responses to my post.) 

"See Romans 1: 25-32: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever!" (...this went on for a while)

"Marriage is Gods watch and Judgement see what happens at the Pearly Gates." (...this one too.)

" The country has CANCER! We allowed the left to slowly brainwash our children."


Gotta luv'em though. They're likely the last of their kind. The American Culture Wars are over. 

The national demographics of the 21st Century has won. 

Stay tuned.

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